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My favorite bands/artists are: Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, OneRepublic, American Authors, and The Script. I'm also a HUGE Marvel fan! YEAH!

no sound without silence

Watch "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 2, Ep. 1 -…" on YouTube

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 2, Ep. 1 -…:

Anonymous asked:"Let’s take a moment to appreciate the fact that Bastille was built off of lies, misunderstandings, and drunk invitations" can you explain this? i'm new to liking bastille
stormasechelons replied:

Well, funny story.

Woody was handing out flyers in a valiant but useless attempt to pick up students who want to learn the wonderful art of hitting stuff with sticks. Thankfully, one of the people to pick these flyers up was Dan.

Dan believed that Woody was a 50-year-old man, and wanted to ask him for any recommendations for his drumming students to join his new band. Little did he know, Woody was just around his age! Woody, after seeing how he’s probably going to fail at finding students, persuaded Dan to let him join this tiny band. Dan agreed, probably mostly relieved Woody’s not an old man.

That’s the misunderstanding.

Then, they needed to find a bassist. William had a friend that told him to go to this little gig with these guys called Dan and Woody, so he went. And he liked them! He wanted to join. Dan asked Will if he could sing. Will couldn’t. But he said he can. Dan then asked if he could play the keys. Will couldn’t. But he said he can. Finally, Dan asked Will if he likes jazz, since he absolutely despises it. Will loves it. But he said no. So, he was allowed to join.

Those are the lies.

Finally, they were missing someone to become a electronic-synch-rock band… a synth player! That’s where Kyle came in. Dan was at a party, and he was getting drunk. Very drunk. Dan has a peculiar way of asking anyone who can play an instrument to join his band when he’s not exactly thinking clearly. After meeting Kyle, he asked him to join, since Kyle told him he plays an instrument. After a moment of consideration, Kyle agreed.

That’s the drunk invitation.

And there you have it. The accidental band.

Welcome to Bastille.



is thIS REAL

Wow I think Bastille has the most wildest backstory than any other band I’ve seen so far. Still not surprised about Kyle


heavy metal broke my *dun* *dun* HEART


Sam and The Monster

© Liz Climo


There’s one other name you might know me by…


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Drax listens to some music.

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Track Name The Energy Never Dies
Artist The Script
Album No Sound Without Silence
Plays 778

The Script - The Energy Never Dies

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tracks of 1989 [part 1]

not including bonus tracks



Track Name Army Of Angels
Artist The Script
Album No Sound Without Silence
Plays 2,020


The Script - Army Of Angels


old unreleased song of OneRepublic 

"That’s an interesting one"

the avengers + tumblr text posts (inspired by x)

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Life of a 1R Soldier

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